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Warmly welcome!

Heureka Ventures is my dream work – a studio fully dedicated to the creation of new sustainable business ideas. Most of them on the pioneering, natural and creative spectrum.

How it works is that I simply scan the world for untapped potential to fasten the climate transition and turn this opportunity into concrete business ideas and concepts.

Some are and will be realized by me in different collaborations.

But I have far more sustainable business ideas than I could possibly turn into start-ups. Therefore, if you’re an entrepreneur, please reach out if you want a sustainable business idea for your next venture.

You can also reach out if you’re working in an established company looking for how to upgrade your current business models to more pioneering sustainable ones. Perhaps i can design a business model for you or guide you through your process of doing it yourselves.

I also offer lectures and trainings, from short ones to (preferably) longer and deeper trainings over a few days where we can dive deeper into the knowledge on sustainability, the craft of sustainable business development and sustainability in relation to forecasting, exponential technologies, exponential behavior changes and more…

The website is a little bit under construction while I’m working on a larger secret project but please come back in mid autumn and the site should be filled with a lot more inspiring business ideas and more…

I wish you a great time until then and please reach out before that if you want to explore potential collaborations.

All the best! / Rebecka

Rebecka Carlsson




Bio – Rebecka Carlsson

One of Rebecka’s largest loves is to create new sustainable business ideas and businesses. She has co-founded five sustainability start-ups including Workaround and Gigafood. Rebecka is trained at Singularity University, NASA in how to use exponential technologies to create scalable sustainability inventions.

She has served as Political Advisor to Sweden’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Climate and the Environment, responsible for strategic communications, as National Spokesperson for the Young Greens and an official Swedish youth representative to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, New York.

Rebecka has been named Sweden’s 20th most environmentally powerful person by Miljöaktuellt and one of Sweden’s most inspiring women by ELLE Magazine. She's no 9 on Veckans Affärers 101 Super Talents 2018 list, a winner of Sweden’s lagest entrepreneurship contest Venture Cup and has twice been named one of Sweden’s Top Future Female Leaders by Ledarna.